Let's Work Together

Perform Without Pain

Online Academy

You don’t have to live nearby for us to work together. I offer a variety of online learning options from a 1:1 intensive program to DIY, guided self-learning programs.

In Person

at my Carpinteria Studio

If you’re in the area, I offer in-person sessions that use a variety of body awareness and coordination work, mindset support, and strength training.

What Clients Are Saying

Bridget Hough, DMA - Classical Pianist

"As a professional classical pianist, I was suffering from upper body stress and fatigue. Rachel designed fitness sessions geared precisely for my needs and level of fitness. Over the course of a few months I noticed radical improvement not only in my core strength, but also in my upper back and arms. I was able to reach an entirely new level of fitness without ever overtaxing my muscles which might have compromised some of my musical performances. She is incredibly competent, knowledgeable, and inspiring. She made working out fun and enjoyable while also pushing me to my highest potential."

Michael Nguyen - Clinical Laboratory Scientist

"I was interested in starting Crossfit but felt that I wasn’t quite in shape or ready for the Crossfit classes. I ended up doing one and one sessions with Rachel for a couple of months. We discussed some of my goals and she was able to develop programming specific to my needs. One of the things I was lacking was my mobility and since day one of sessions she would incorporate mobility into our sessions. It was very invaluable and she literally was the base and foundation to my Crossfit goals. It’s kind of crazy to see the progress I have made since then, all because of the values she instilled in me. Thanks Coach!"

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