Hello! This is my inaugural post. I’ve been contemplating for far too long the best way to begin this blog, what topics I want to cover, and how I can best serve anyone who wants to read what I write. My interests vary widely from musician’s health to general athletic development, to postpartum recovery to whatever new ideas catch my fancy (there are lots). I’m biting the bullet and putting something down to get this blog a rollin’.

I will be covering topics related to all my areas of interest. This may make the blog feel a little random at times, but I hope the category function will enable you to find information specific to your own interests more easily.

The overlapping theme of all my areas of interest is simply this: mindset. I have spent my life reframing how I think about myself and problems I face. As I’ve been growing and maturing as a person, I have realized more and more how much judgement is a bane to us all. Judgement is a huge topic and one that I don’t feel quite qualified to cover though maybe one of these days I’ll try my hand. But I do understand this, judgement arises from shame. We feel shame when our true selves conflict with our perceived selves. The perceived self is the one that tries its hardest to be what others (parents, family, government, society, culture, anyone external to us) want it to be. For some people their perceived selves and their true selves are pretty well in agreement. But, for many of us this is not the case. This leads to thoughts that there may be something wrong with us or that we are inadequate.

So, I want to start this blog with a single message:

You are not broken.

You are not in need of fixing. You are not a machine. You are not in need of finding. You’ve been right here all along. You are a human being deserving of all the love and respect that that entails. You need the opportunity and space to explore your true self. For me, that exploration starts with movement. Improving how we move can be a catalyst for all kinds of positive changes within ourselves.

You may be in physical pain, in mental anguish, or merely in need of a push out of a rut. I am here to help.

For half my life, I searched for answers to my own injuries and mental blocks. I am by no means finished with my journey. No one ever is. In my opinion, the best teachers are the ones who are still seeking answers themselves. Any teacher who tells you they have it all figured out is deluding themselves and deceiving you.

I want you to know that there is hope and it comes through movement, education, and awareness. I offer you freedom through the adventure of learning and understanding your true self.

As you peruse the content on my website, you might find that the way I speak and write is different from other types of movement teachers. I believe that our language is a projection of how we think. I pay close attention to the types of words I use and how I use them because I want to help you change your mindset. Here are few things to keep in mind.

I talk about you, not the body.

Movement teachers commonly talk about the “body.” If you talk about the body and mind, then you are implying that they are separate. They never have been. You were born as one. What many refer to as your body is an external image of your mind. Likewise, your mind is an internal projection of your body. Together, they create a continuous feedback loop. Watching someone move is in fact watching someone’s brain and nervous system work. If you know what to look for, you can learn a lot about how their mind works. This doesn’t mean that I don’t talk about specific parts of the body, but I try to avoid speaking about the body generically.

I work with people, not on people.

I hear so many people talk about getting worked on by some kind of masseuse, acupuncturist, physical therapist, chiropractor, or other bodyworker. In this thinking you are giving up your autonomy and allowing someone else to think for you. I want to encourage you to think and learn for yourself. You know yourself best. No practitioner will ever know what’s better for you than you.

I help people grow. I do not fix.

Many people talk about needing to fix themselves, after an injury, trauma, or whatever. I think it’s important to understand that you cannot fix yourself. Like I said in my welcome statement above, you are not broken. You are not a machine to be repaired. You are an organic, thinking, sensing, feeling being that is constantly changing. You cannot return to a previous version of yourself. You certainly can get better. But you will never be the same as your past self. To me, getting away from words like “recovery” and “fix” is an incredibly liberating way to think.

I do not offer treatments. I offer education.

In the same vein as not fixing and not working on people, I do not offer treatments. I want you to learn and grow. I want you to be engaged in your own process. I do not believe you can improve through passive participation.

I observer. I do not judge.

As I said above, judgement is the root cause of so many issues from the micro to the macro in our society. I want to shift your thinking from judging to observing. I guarantee this will reduce so much stress in your life.

I believe in the principle of no principles.

With all of this said above, I have to acknowledge that sometimes it’s necessary to break your own principles. I try to avoid talking in absolutes because life is messy and plurality is reality.

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