Whatever your reason, I want to help you achieve your goals!

There are a lot of reasons why people pursue Specialized Programming and Remote Coaching.  Some people live far away.  Some people have a gym they like, but need some direction and guidance.  Some people live near by but Private Training sessions are not in their budget.

How It Works:

After you sign-up, you’ll get a survey from me in your inbox.  You’ll tell me your goals, movement history, training history, past injuries, health considerations, and any other relevant information.  With that in hand, I will I write out and send to you four weeks of programming based on your story.

Before you start your training we will go over all the movements either via video chat or in person if you’re in the SB area.  I also will send you a list of videos to reference in case you need to see a movement or exercise again.

Every week, I will check-in with you to make sure you are doing well with the programming and progressing.  You are encouraged to contact me at any point if you have questions or things aren’t going well.

At the end of each 4-week cycle, we will examine your progress. Your new cycle of programming will incorporate what we learned from the previous cycle.  Then we will start again by going over the new programming and you hit the ground running.

This work is not for everyone.  It requires dedication and self-motivation.


I ask that you commit to a minimum of 3-months.  It’s not realistic to expect to achieve much in only a month or two.  Three months may not even be enough depending on your goals.  It takes time for me to get to know you and fully understand how best you need to train.  It takes time for you to adapt to new training and ideas.

I’ve worked with musicians, firefighters, Marine Corp poolees, accountants, through-hikers, women looking to get their first pull-ups, men wanting to increase their endurance, and more.  My background for programming is wide-reaching and I’m not afraid to do new research if need be.  I’m confident that I can help you reach your goals!

Specialized Programming

& Remote Coaching

3-Month Commitment: $600

6-Month Commitment: $1125

12-Month Commitment: $2100