I understand far too well the hopelessness and desperation that comes with an injury.

In fact, the entire reason I started down the path of fitness was due to my own experiences with playing-related Repetitive Stress Injuries.  A herniated cervical disc, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, tendonitis, nerve impingements, Upper Cross Syndrome, hypochondria… you name it and I had a doctor, Physical Therapist, chiropractor, or the like diagnose me with it.  They weren’t wrong necessarily, but their diagnoses never provided any real, lasting solutions that accounted for my wanting to continue to perform.  Here’s the thing none of them understand, many of these injuries can be prevent, managed, or rehabilitated with time, focus, education, and movement.  Let me help you navigate your own journey.

Athletic Development for Musicians v2.0

Group Class

A class to help any musician who is interested in learning more about how their body moves.

Private Training


If you live in or are visiting the SoCal area, I offer in-person private training.


Remote Coaching

Specialized Programming

For those not in the SoCal area, I offer distance coaching and programming.