Touch as Communication

Functional Integration (FI) is the hands-on component of the Feldenkrais Method®.  While it might look like massage, trigger point therapy, or Rolfing, FI lessons are about teaching your nervous system new options.  Your nervous system controls your body, and it is easy for us to get stuck in habits that cause pain.  If we can help you sense and feel new ways to move, we can help move you out of the habits creating pain.

The movements explored within FI are tailored to what you need.  You will never be pushed into pain or past your comfort zone.  When you feel safe, you are best able to learn!

Free FI Lessons Thru September 2018!

I am in the final year of my 4-year Feldenkrais Method® practitioner training.  I am looking for people to practice with!  I’m offering free sessions until I graduate at the end of September.  Starting in October, I will charging for my services.


In the meantime: check this out: The Feldenkrias Method® Functional Integration.